Night of Fire

The sky turned off their lights and calm your cold breath ... A miracle on earth occurs, fire burns in Salamina. On the streets of colors, by their houses and balconies crossing a river of joy flickering lanterns.

All People illuminates and redeems generous memories and returns, laughter and hugs ... It is the night of December, Sweet night meeting ... Magic Night of Fire.

So Salamineños poets describe the feeling that prevails night 7 from December, when hundreds of tourists arrive to the Light City Caldas to witness one of the most important cultural events in the country: The Night of Fire.

He 7 December was the central day for neighborhoods and villages surrendered tribute to the Virgin, during the week in which traditionally the celebrations of the Inmaculada Concepción celebrated, then, when the Night of Fire is born this day takes on another meaning.

For several days the Salamineña community prepares to offer all a spectacle unmatched Colombia, a night full of magic and color thanks to the hospitality of its people. Each block prepares the arrangements and lights, in order to decorate the sky with reflections of the soil.


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